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I have been going to Alison's' classes for a couple of years now, and try and go to 4 of them a week. That doesn't always happen due to work etc but I do miss them if I don't.

I love that they vary, from boxercise to salsa, to Zumba and circuits, and you can put as much or as little energy into each as you want. I have recently signed up to the kettle blast class on a Saturday morning, and it's a challenge, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. Alison is always encouraging and a real driving force. I have a desk job so Alison's classes are brilliant in giving me the work out I need and the energy I want.

Thank you Alison :-)

AMS 4 Fitness

Just wanted to say I am so glad I joined your class back in April, I feel so much better for my 19lbs weight loss, feel fitter for the exercise too. I have to say hubby is moaning as I have bought so many news clothes, I do have a sewing machine and have altered some too so he cannot really complain! The charity bags have benefited as well, I have gone down 2 sizes certainly in trousers anyway and lost 4 inches from my waist.

The class is so friendly, including me in the coffee mornings after we have finished on a Monday, that was almost within the first month of joining. I love being retired and have never been bored but this has enhanced my week and is doing me so much good too, what a bonus.

Thanks for your motivation and dedication, I cannot lose weight on my own so have found the perfect solution and made new friends too.

AMS 4 Fitness

Hi Alison,

I am sending this message to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me.

I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis in January 2004. I gave up aerobics and other physical activities as I was not well enough to carry on with them. I moved to Hampshire from Kent in August 2013 and, although I was wary I would not be able to keep up, felt that I would like to attempt some form of exercise class again. I spoke to you on the telephone and you assured me I could do as much or as little as I felt able to do. I have found your classes to be varied and interesting and you encourage everyone to work to their own ability - making sure everyone is comfortable with the level they are working at, while encouraging people to push themselves that little bit further.

Since joining in November 2013, I try to attend your class once a week. I have found that my flexibility and sense of balance have improved greatly, which has given me greater confidence when doing anything physical.

Thank you once again - you really have made a difference to my day to day life.

Best wishes

AMS 4 Fitness

Why I felt I needed to lose weight... Health

In March 2010, I found it hard to fasten my walking jacket over a fleece - too tight. I also felt increasingly out of breath when walking uphill and going at a faster pace. My blood pressure was persistently high.

I looked and felt fat and resisted buying new clothes because they didn’t improve my appearance. I was therefore becoming more depressed.

I had lost weight a few years earlier, following the Hip and Thigh diet and exercise book at home but felt I needed the discipline of a class attendance. On 1 March 2010 at my first class with Alison at AMS4Fitness I weighed 13 stone 8lbs. One year later in March 2011 I had with Alison’s encouragement (plus other class member’s support) shed 3 stone and I am now feeling so good and fit. My blood pressure has also come down remarkably, my GP approves and I look good in my newly bought clothes.

Thank you all!