Class Descriptions

Nutrition Club

Designated time slot for weight management support, one to one weigh in nutrition and motivation. Body Composition Analysis scales every 12 weeks.

Cardio fit

This class combines fun cardio routines and specific muscle conditioning, targeting different muscle groups weekly.


Dancing to Latin music. Low impact fat burning workout, which will still make you sweat to help burn fat and calories. You can still make it high impact if you choose.

Legs, Buts and Tums

This class will firm your whole body, especially the gluteus maximus. Leaving you toned and strengthened.


A class to raise your heart rates and get your body pumping, punching, kicking. Great stress reliever.


A cardio workout, moving round various stations in groups. Each circuit is 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds long. You can work as hard as you wish the last 30 seconds can be made harder if you so choose.


Dance fitness class. Learn dance steps and workout all in one class.


Course available throughout the year must be booked in advance additional cost.

Pay as you go

£6.50 class + nutrition club

Exercise class only £4.50

Premier Club pay monthly, unlimited exercise classes each week £27.00 includes nutrition club, our most popular and effective membership!
Saves £££££££££s!